What is the flat bible and why we need it

What is the flat bible?

It is the bible without chapters and verse and no notes. It is what they had in the early (the text only)

This way you can read it and not stop at a verse or chapter. When we read it, we mentally stop at each verse or chapter. When These books were written there was no chapters or verses. We need to read it the way that it was written so that we can fully understand it and gain better insight into why God allowed it to be written.

When man inserted chapters and verses in the bible, It was done to allow us to find and study the word of God better. I still have no problem with chapters or verses they are a big help with studying God’s word. This flat bible will be a tool that we can use in our study of God’s word by allowing us to see the context and betterĀ  understand each book of the bible

I started doing this with the book Of James because we are studying this book at church and we need to understand more about this important book.

Note: I will be start out withe the KJV version (Other versions will be coming)

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