Class 4 – The Earnest Of Our Inheritance (Ephesians 1:14)

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At salvation your soul and spirit were saved, but not your body. Your body will not be
changed into a glorified body until Christ returns. As a promise that God will indeed redeem his
“purchased possession” (YOU!) and give you a new body and an eternal home in heaven, he gave you a
seal at the moment you were saved – this seal is the Holy Spirit. The indwelling Spirit is God’s promise to
us that he will keep us as his own, and indeed completely redeem us (ie. give us a glorified body to match
our saved soul & spirit) on the day of redemption.

The word “earnest” in Ephesians 1:14 is not an adjective describing one’s sincerity, but is
an old English noun that means “down payment” or “deposit.” A down payment signifies your intentions
to completely buy a vehicle, a home or some other expensive item. In like manner, the Holy Spirit is our
down payment “paid” by God, promising that He will one day completely redeem us. These verses are a
tremendous proof that salvation, once gained, cannot be lost.