Class 3 – Relationship versus Fellowship

As explained in the last study, at salvation you entered into a new relationship with God
Almighty. You went from being a child of Satan to being a child of God.

This new “position” has only ONE condition: salvation! Becoming a child of God is
conditional only upon your repentance and belief in Jesus Christ. Fellowship however is an entirely
different story. Our fellowship with God is conditional upon our obedience. The illustration of a human
father and son is very helpful at this point: once a son is born into the family, his status as a son can
never change – he can be killed, disowned, or even adopted into another family, but biologically he is still
his father’s son – the “position” of the son can not change. However, the fellowship between the father
and son can and will change If the son rebels against the father, all fellowship between the two will break
down until the son repents and makes the situation right.

The same is true of us and God. Our position as children of God can not change once we
are “born again” into his family – we are unconditionally his for eternity. Our fellowship however can and
will change – obedience draws us closer to him while disobedience can strain or break our fellowship. Only
through repentance and confession can things be set right and fellowship restored.