Read – Philemon 1:11-20 Study Notes

Your Bible probably has a footnote by Onesimus’ name…What does it say his name means in Greek?Notice the play on words Paul uses with that in verse 11.

What arm twisting does Paul do in verses 12-16?

In verse 16 Paul brings it all into perspective. While Onesimus is a slave the reality is something much bigger and more important than that…What does Paul mention about Onesimus in verse 16 that will basically force Philemon to do the right thing?

The take home point in these verses for us is about reconciliation toward those who have done us wrong. Are there people in your life whom you have never forgiven or “taken back”? If so, why?

How do Paul’s words in this letter remind you just how important it is to not hold things against people?How can we, like Paul, still see people who have messed up as “dear to us” again?

1:17 – In other words, if you don’t take him back…don’t consider me a partner any more? Wow Paul…that is some strong language. It shows you just how strongly Paul feels about Philemon making the right decision on this matter.

Have you ever stood up for someone or stepped into a situation to try to make things right? What happened and what did you learn from it?

What potential barrier or roadblock does Paul attempt to alleviate in the reconciliation of Philemon and Onesimus?

It sounds like Paul converted both Philemon (1:19) and Onesimus (1:10). That gives Paul a very special relationship with both of them and makes him the perfect person to help make this situation right again. Do you think you have played a pivotal role in certain relationships in your life? How can God use you to bring a godly influence on the people and relationships around you?