Read – Lesson 3 Summary

As can be seen, a tremendous amount of action took place at the moment of your salvation.
Virtually all new believers are entirely unaware of the incredible acts of God that are taking place within
their body, soul and spirit at this all important moment in their lives. When a believer begins to meditate
upon the word of God and considers all that God has done for them in procuring their salvation, three
things should become obvious:

1) Salvation is a pivotal point in life. God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit have carried out a
complex set of operations to insure the believer’s complete salvation and to provide for their eternal wellbeing. Many believers may be unsure of the exact moment of their salvation or may even be unable to
remember the exact details concerning their salvation experience, but God does remember; at some point
in time when the believer consciously puts his or her faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, God instantaneously
performed an incredible series of miracles to provide salvation.

2) Salvation is forever. There should be no need to worry about the possibility of losing or
forfeiting salvation. These tremendous acts of God (many of which carry terms such as “eternal,”
“everlasting” or “forever) should prove once and for all the absurdity of losing-regaining-losing and
regaining one’s salvation. Many of the operations God performs become meaningless or contradictory if
the very thing God is doing could possibly be undone; the clear indication from these verses is that
salvation is dependent upon what God has DONE, not upon what we DO! Verses and arguments that
seem to contradict this point are dealt with in the next chapter.

3) Salvation is entirely dependent upon the Bible. Most of the operations God performs at
salvation can not be seen, felt, heard, or physically sensed in any way. The Christian is dependent solely
upon the Scriptures to inform him or her as to what happened. From a doctrinal standpoint, God has
given no promises of outward signs or experiences to confirm the inward, spiritual operations of salvation
given when we believe. The believer is literally forced to “walk by faith, not by sight.” (II Cor. 5:7)