Study 1 – Summary And Questions For Futher Study

Many within the Charismatic movement succumb to the temptation to deemphasize doctrine. “Love unites but doctrine divides” is a phrase often heard in such circles. Such a deemphasizing of doctrine gives the non-charismatic just cause to criticise. Thus this workbook will seek to help establish you in sound doctrine!

Questions For Further Study

  1. What is the difference between inspiration and preservation?
  2. What are the prerequisites for a person studying the Bible?
  3. What should be the believer’s “final authority?”
  4. What role does the Holy Spirit play in the interpretation of the Scriptures?
  5. Why is the context of a verse important to a proper understanding of that verse?
  6. What should be the believer’s attitude towards “doctrine?”

Congratulations You Have Finished Study 1