Intro To The Modern Charismatic Movement Study 1

Some Help For Taking This Course

For the quizzes

  • Please use a King James Bible
  • You can take Quizzes many times as you want
  • For best impact please follow the course
  • Capitalize All The Names and Places in your answers

Please feel free to use your bible or an online bible

We are so Happy that you want to learn more about God’s word

Before embarking upon lessons, we would encourage you to take note of the following “ground rules” of this self-study

1) Progression: Just as any building must be constructed in a certain order to insure success (ie. first the foundation, then the walls, then the roof, etc.), these lessons are arranged in a progressive order, building one upon another. Please avoid the temptation to skip ahead or do the lessons out of sequence, as you will find yourself out of step with the progression of thought that builds throughout the workbook.

2) Participation: The idea being that you will have to WORK as you go through it. All too often in books of a biblical nature, cross-references are rarely looked up and important verses are merely skimmed over to the detriment of the reader’s understanding. This has been arranged in such a manner that you will be forced to look up most of the verses being studied in order to fill in the key words and to discover the truths being discussed. The questions asked throughout the lessons are to aid in your learning and will be of a great benefit on a personal level or as discussion topics in a small group study or Sunday school setting.

3) Identification: Rather than taking an “us” and “they” stance, we have sought to present the biblical truths being discussed in an unbiased setting. Pure neutrality is idealistically impossible, but every effort has been made to allow the Scriptures to speak for themselves, in their context, with the assistance of the Holy Spirit of God. Thus the two perceived camps on each side of the issue will be merely referred to as “Charismatics” and “non-charismatics” (ie. generally those who claim the title “Charismatic” versus those professing Christians who are not in agreement with all or some of the aspects of Charismaticism).

4) Generalisation: We understand that the term “Charismatic” is very broad and today encompasses various segments of Pentecostalism, Protestantism, Roman Catholicism, etc. The effort has been made to cover those points that are most relevant to the movement as a whole with the net effect that some of the material presented may reflect a concept or belief to which you do not adhere or are unfamiliar with. In such instances, please be patient and remember to prayerfully approach the scriptures with a humble attitude and a desire to be taught by the Spirit of God. Please remember that the purpose of this is not to confirm every belief you already hold, but to assist you in obeying the biblical command to examine and prove yourself!

5) Version: All of the verses and questions have been keyed to the King James Bible. Although there are many English versions available today, virtually all of the newer versions compare themselves to the King James Bible as the standard. Likewise, many of the newer Bibles evidence a pronounced bias when it comes to the Charismatic movement and were therefore not deemed suitable for this study. The author understands that the King James Bible may not be the version you are accustomed to, but sincerely hopes that this factor will not deter you from your studies.