Intro To The Modern Charismatic Movement Study 3

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In the last study, it was seen from the word of God that salvation is an instantaneous event that occurs at a fixed point in a believer’s life. Though the events leading up to that moment may be long and drawn out, any person can be spiritually born again upon their repentance of sin and belief in the Lord Jesus Christ. At the moment of salvation, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit do a mind-boggling array of things for the new convert that make his or her salvation a reality. Scripture indicates some fifty different things that happen to the new convert at salvation; most of these are beyond the scope of this workbook, but several have a direct bearing on the topic at hand. This chapter will then discuss some of those things that God did for the believer at salvation. This chapter will then examine a number of the specific acts carried out by each member of the trinity.