Intro To The Modern Charismatic Movement Study 5

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Intro the ministry of The Holy Spirit (Part 1)

To some, the first four studies of this topix may not have seemed relevant to the modern
Charismatic movement. The groundwork however has been laid to set forth exactly what salvation is all
about and how it applies to you. We can not stress enough the importance for any individual who desires
to understand the doctrine of the Holy Spirit and his varied ministries to first be sure of his or her own
salvation. I Corinthians 2:14 is very clear in pointing out that the Bible is a spiritual book impossible for
the “natural” man in his unsaved state to understand. We trust that by this point in your workbook you
are 100% sure of your own salvation. Moreover, we would hope that you are able to explain biblical
salvation and the eternal security of that salvation to anyone who challenges you to prove what you
believe from Scripture.

The ministry of the Holy Spirit throughout the Bible is very diverse. The most casual perusal of
Scripture shows that the Holy Spirit has operated in different ways with different people at different times.
The mistake made by many is to seize upon one isolated aspect of the Holy Spirit’s ministry and teach
that this is the norm for all time or the norm for the body of Christ. As we examine the varied ministry of
the Holy Spirit, it is imperative that we take careful note of the context (who is being spoken to and when
they are being spoken to).