Read – Background On Psalms 4

This Psalm is by David who wrote it when he was in great distress. At the same time, he shows his love and confidence in God who seems not to show Himself. Even though he is facing perilous odds, certain destruction, and constant suffering, he still continues his confidence in his God. Yet, he is honest; he pours out his feelings without edit or whitewash. He tells God his fears and position, his plight and anguish, and asks why God does not answer him. This is about our covenant relationship with God. When we accept Him as Lord and dedicate our lives to Him, He does indeed respond. The bottom line, as David knew prior and was assured of later, is that there is no need to fear when our Sovereign God is in charge and is there. This Psalm also introduces to us how to use this as a hymn of worship with guidance on musical notes and structure. It was used also as a liturgy on how one comes to God and meditates on Him in honesty, humbleness, respect, and confidence, no matter what we go through in our trials, hostilities, and anxiety.