Read – Background on Daniel Chapter 6

Darius was a godly king and had Daniel as his number two man.  The key to Daniel was that he had an excellent spirit in him; this is both because he had excellent character and because he had the Spirit of God influencing him (and possibly within him).  He had an impeccable testimony to where his haters couldn’t find one thing wrong with him…except that he would obey his God in everything, even if it went against the king’s law.  The wicked lost may try and find something against you dear godly Christian; and they will most likely find it concerning the law of your God.  They are trying to influence the President to make laws against the Christians.  Daniel was exceedingly bold, confident, and faithful;  he gladly continued his devotion time as before.  If they said it was illegal to read your Bible in public, would you still?  If they said it was illegal to talk to someone about Jesus Christ and heaven and hell, would you still?!

King Darius had faith in Daniel’s God (v. 16)… was he a saved man?    It was probably quite the amazing time for Daniel as he spent the whole night with a bunch of hungry lions who had their mouths shut and apparently did not go near him!  It didn’t turn out so good for those that plotted against the man of God…even the wives and children!

Daniel was definitely used of God to bring about great glory and praise to the ‘living God’, the God of Daniel!