Read – Background on Daniel Chapter 4

Have you ever had a dream that made you afraid and troubled you?  I’m sure it bothered Daniel when the king referred to him as ‘in whom is the spirit of the holy gods’.  The king could differentiate all the other gods from Daniel’s God…one key word he used was ‘holy’.

The dream was interpreted that the king would be humbled for 7 years, and would basically act like an animal and would live outside and eat grass!  I would assume that he grazed out with the cattle and could be viewed by people;  they probably kept track of him (I’m sure his family did).  His body was able to adapt to the different environment.  Then all of a sudden he got his understanding back (wasn’t delusional anymore) and he then praised, blessed, and extolled the King of heaven, the most High!  And God set him back on the throne again.  Know this for sure, God is more than able to abase the most prideful and arrogant that there is!      Do you believe that the king became a believer at this juncture?