Read – Background On Daniel 3

This image was about 90 ft high! Musick is often used to bring one to be involved with sin, error, false worship…musick is not benign. It is kind of ironic that those who did not fall down and worship would be thrown into a fiery furnace… much like Hell. The 3 godly companions of Daniel had great faith in God; they were very confident that God could deliver them, but understood that it might be God’s will for them to perish (as a martyr)… they weren’t ‘careful’ to answer the king on this. They were not only thrown into this 2000 degree inferno, but were tied up also! Then, the Son of God appeared with them and untied their ropes and they walked around in the furnace of fire. The KJV haters claim that there is a huge error in the Bible concerning the use of the phrase ‘the Son of God’; they say that it should read ‘a son of the gods’. They believe that the pagan king would not know anything about the Son of God and thus would not say such a thing. My response is simple: who was it in the fire with them? a son of the gods, or the Son of God? It is obvious that it wasn’t a son of the gods, so there is no obvious error here. The KJV statement is accurate regardless of whether the pagan king knew of the Son of God or not. I believe that the 3 friends of Daniel here told the king prior to being thrown in the fire that the Son of God might rescue them (see v. 28). This is the only reference to ‘Son of God’ in the whole O.T.. Do you believe that the king was a believer at this point (see v. 29)?