Read – Background On 2 Peter 3

The third chapter of Second Peter is the final chapter of this epistle written by Peter. In it, he has several objectives, including a reminder to Christians of the coming of the scorners of promise, a review of catastrophic events that will befall the earth, and the assurance of new heaven and earth when Jesus returns.

The apostle Peter mentioned to his readers that there will be scoffers who will come to persecute them. As such, they should be aware of the commandments, prophecies, and the teachings of the apostles.

Peter continued to stress that such scoffers will arise and walk in their own lusts during the last days without bearing in their minds that the Lord’s Word destroyed the world before. He reminded the believers that the earth that exists now and its ungodly men are set aside for fire when the judgment and punishment day comes.

The Lord’s Day will Come

In 2 Peter Chapter 2, the apostle tells his readers that the Lord’s day will come unexpectedly, like a robber in the night, but with cataclysmic destruction. For instance, the existing heaven and earth will be dissolved via a mighty configuration.

Peter advises the reader to put more concentration on holy behavior and godliness in anticipation for the hastening day of the Lord’s Second Coming so that they may inherit the new heaven and earth along with Christ Himself.

Expecting the Lord’s Day

Peter closes the third chapter of his second epistle by advising his readers to be found in Him in peace and be blameless if they want to inherit the new heaven and earth. Believers are also advised to take advantage of the Lord’s forgiveness as an opportunity for salvation. With admonitions, Peter warns of unstable souls who have twisted God’s word to their individual destruction. He concludes this epistle with a hymn to Christ.