Read – Background On 2 Peter 2

In 2 Peter Chapter 2, Peter warns his readers against apostates and prophets who are false. He claimed that these false prophets will only bring about their own perdition, even as they collect followers. If his readers follow these false prophets, they will also be lost.

God Cleanses from Sin

Peter reminded the people that God even cast the rebellious angels out of heaven, and caused the flood to cleanse the sin out of the world, though he saved Noah and his family. He went on to say that God burned Sodom and Gomorra to make examples of them to people who persisted in sin, even as he saved Lot and his family, who had had to live with these types of wicked people.

God’s Judgment on the Ungodly

Peter told his readers that God knows how to separate righteous people from ungodly people, and He will hold the ungodly apart until the Judgment Day. Peter claimed that God would especially punish people who are lustful and self-willed.

He said that even the powerful angels will not loudly condemn these people, but these people will disparage things they know nothing about and eventually be destroyed by their own rottenness. Peter reviles their lust, dishonesty, and lack of discipline and claims they are no better than blotches even as they would dine with his readers.

Recounting the Story of Balaam

In 2 Peter Chapter 2, Peter recounted the story of Balaam, who these people made their leader. He talked of how he was so unrighteous that even his donkey spoke to rebuke him. Peter went on a bit more about the corruption of these apostates and he warned his readers against them because there was nothing good in store for them.

Peter also explained that if they once believed in Jesus Christ and then turned away from Him, their end would be even worse. It would have been better if they had never heard of Christ in the first place and that they were no better than a dog that ingests its own vomit or a washed pig that runs back to the mud if they turned their back on Christ.