Read – Background On 2 Peter 1

In 2 Peter Chapter 1, the apostle Peter makes an effort to prepare Christians with the necessary tools that they would need to combat fake religious teachers in the church.

The first chapter of Peter’s second epistle was directed at those who were like-minded in how they viewed Christianity and the Lord. His message of mercy and peace was combined with his teachings of obtaining knowledge.

Peter taught in 2 Peter Chapter 1 that those who truly sought to know the Lord would be blessed. In addition, those who studied the Word and put it into practice in their lives were walking a path towards enlightenment.

Peter Discusses God’s Promises

He wrote in the first chapter that the Lord has given Christians everything that they need to live a blessed life. The Lord has also made many promises that He will keep if the believer is living his life in accordance with the Word of God. One promise that Peter mentioned was being allowed into the gates of Heaven when the time comes to be judged for our sins.

Peter Defends His Reputation

Peter also wanted to remind his audience in 2 Peter Chapter 1 that he was a man that spoke the truth. He was not a false teacher that had come to mislead them. He was a true believer in the power of the Lord because he was a witness to it.

Peter spoke of the events that took place on the Mount of Transfiguration where Jesus changed His form right in front of his eyes. Jesus showed His heavenly power to Peter and a couple other apostles, thus solidifying his faith and obedience.

Peter’s Words are Important

Peter warned that the people should listen to his word because he spoke as a man blessed with the Holy Spirit. His word holds a heavier weight over others because, according to him, he spoke the exact truth. Peter said this truth could prove to be lifesaving in the face of travesty and gloom.