Class 4 – Passages true of the future Tribulation and earthly reign of Christ, but not of the church age Christian

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Matthew 24:13

But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be ___________.

This often misquoted verse is directly in the middle of a passage about the future, seven year tribulation period. It has nothing to do with church age Christians from a doctrinal standpoint. The NT believer is waiting for the return of Christ for the church, not for “the end” of the tribulation. Note
Matthew 24:21 & 29. Many of the parables in the Gospels that speak of someone who seems to be a believer losing their standing before God are in a Jewish, future kingdom context if the entire chapter is carefully read. Other oft misquoted passages, such as those found in Hebrews 6 & 10 will likewise be seen to fit the same pattern if read in their context. The obedient student of the Scriptures must “rightly divide the word of truth.”