Modern Charismatic Movement Study 4

Study 4 – Can Your Salvation Be Lost?

This is the 4th of a 13 studies with over 800 relevant scriptures regarding

virtually every aspect of the modern Charismatic movement


1. Intro To The Modern Charismatic Movement Study 4

Class 1 – Verses that Appear to Teach the Eternal Security of the New Testament Believer

1. Everlasting Life Is a Present Possession
2. The Believer Is Kept Saved By The Power Of God
3. Can you be forgiven of all sins or not?
4. What is Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit?

Class 2 –  The Sufficiency of Christ’s Sacrifice

1. The Sufficiency of Christ’s Sacrifice
2. Jesus Paid For All Our Sins
3. What About John 1:9?
4. Salvation Is Dependent Entirely Upon Christ’s Work


Class 3 -If Salvation Can Be Lost, What Can Be Lost

1. Relationship versus Fellowship
2. Fellowship Is Dependent Upon Obedience
3. What does it mean to abide in Christ?
4. Loss of fellowship will bring chastening from God
5. Fellowship Is Restored Only By Confession Of Sin
6. What s sin?
7. All Christians Must Stand At The Judgement Seat Of Christ
8. Unfaithful believers will lose their rewards
9. The Believer Can Lose His Ability To Walk In God’s Grace
10. The believer was in bondage to sin before salvation
11. At salvation, the believer is freed from the bondage of sin and given the liberty to do right
12. Freedom from the law is NOT an excuse to sin all we want

Class 4 – Verses That Seem to Contradict the Eternal Security of the Believer’s Salvation

1. Verses That Seem to Contradict the Eternal Security of the Believer’s Salvation
2. Passages Misapplied As To Time or Subject
3. Passage True Of The Old Testament, But Not Of The New
4. Passages true of the future Tribulation and earthly reign of Christ, but not of the church age Christian
5. Does Hebrews 6 teach you can lose your salvation?
6. Can You Loose Your Salvation?
7. Passages that Emphasize the Fruit of Salvation
8. The Unpardonable Sin

Class 5 – Summary & Questions For Further Study

1. Study 4 – Summary And Questions For Further Study