Book Of Genesis – Advance Study-Part-60

We will begin this study in Genesis chapter 43 verse 1.
Genesis 43:1 “And the famine [was] sore in the land.”
Genesis 43:2 “And it came to pass, when they had eaten up the
corn which they had brought out of Egypt, their father said unto them,
Go again, buy us a little food.”
Genesis 43:3 “And Judah spake unto him, saying, The man did
solemnly protest unto us, saying, Ye shall not see my face, except
your brother [be] with you.”

This famine was widespread and for an extended period of time. It
was better to go to Egypt and take a chance of being killed, than for
the entire family to starve to death. Judah remembered the warning of
Joseph, that he will not even listen to them unless they had Benjamin
along. Joseph was still holding Simeon.

Genesis 43:4 “If thou wilt send our brother with us, we will go
down and buy thee food:”
Genesis 43:5 “But if thou wilt not send [him], we will not go
down: for the man said unto us, Ye shall not see my face, except your
brother [be] with you.”
Genesis 43:6 “And Israel said, Wherefore dealt ye [so] ill with
me, [as] to tell the man whether ye had yet a brother?”

Jacob did not want to let go of Benjamin. This was the last child
from his beloved Rachel. He was angry, because they told that they had a

Genesis 43:7 “And they said, The man asked us straitly of our
state, and of our kindred, saying, [Is] your father yet alive? have ye
[another] brother? and we told him according to the tenor of these
words: could we certainly know that he would say, Bring your brother
Genesis 43:8 “And Judah said unto Israel his father, Send the lad
with me, and we will arise and go; that we may live, and not die, both
we, and thou, [and] also our little ones.”
Genesis 43:9 “I will be surety for him; of my hand shalt thou
require him: if I bring him not unto thee, and set him before thee,
then let me bear the blame for ever:”
Genesis 43:10 “For except we had lingered, surely now we had
returned this second time.”

Part of God’s plan for Israel was that they would be detained in
Egypt for 400 years. Jacob will not leave Canaan, unless something
drastic took place, such as this famine. This request for Benjamin to
go was almost more than Jacob could bear. All the promises in the world
from all these sons would not keep the hurt from killing Jacob, if they
did not return with Benjamin. One thing I do not understand is the lack
of concern about Simeon who was in jail in Egypt.

Genesis 43:11 “And their father Israel said unto them, If [it
must be] so now, do this; take of the best fruits in the land in your
vessels, and carry down the man a present, a little balm, and a little
honey, spices, and myrrh, nuts, and almonds:”
Genesis 43:12 “And take double money in your hand; and the money
that was brought again in the mouth of your sacks, carry [it] again in
your hand; peradventure it [was] an oversight:”
Genesis 43:13 “Take also your brother, and arise, go again unto
the man:”
Genesis 43:14 “And God Almighty give you mercy before the man,
that he may send away your other brother, and Benjamin. If I be
bereaved [of my children], I am bereaved.”

Here, Jacob finally turned this situation over to God. He realized
if he did not send for food, they would all die. He was explaining to
his sons how to handle the situation, so as not to incite the fury of
this man who was in charge in Egypt. It seems Canaan still had fruit,
and nuts, but no grain. Bread is the staff of life, so they must have
grain. Jacob said finally, whatever comes, I will accept it being from

Genesis 43:15 “And the men took that present, and they took
double money in their hand, and Benjamin; and rose up, and went down
to Egypt, and stood before Joseph.”
Genesis 43:16 “And when Joseph saw Benjamin with them, he said to
the ruler of his house, Bring [these] men home, and slay, and make
ready; for [these] men shall dine with me at noon.”

Here the brothers had done what Joseph asked. They even brought
presents to go with the money, and Benjamin. Joseph was so excited when
he saw his brother, Benjamin, the only brother by his mother, Rachel.
He told his servants to prepare a noon meal for them. Egyptians and
Hebrews ordinarily do not eat together.

Genesis 43:17 “And the man did as Joseph bade; and the man
brought the men into Joseph’s house.”
Genesis 43:18 “And the men were afraid, because they were brought
into Joseph’s house; and they said, Because of the money that was
returned in our sacks at the first time are we brought in; that he may
seek occasion against us, and fall upon us, and take us for bondmen,
and our asses.”

When Joseph’s brothers were brought to his house. they assumed
the worst. They imagined that Joseph was going to take them into
bondage for stealing money from him. I think their policy was to
always think the worst.

Genesis 43:19 “And they came near to the steward of Joseph’s
house, and they communed with him at the door of the house,”
Genesis 43:20 “And said, O sir, we came indeed down at the first
time to buy food:”
Genesis 43:21 “And it came to pass, when we came to the inn, that
we opened our sacks, and, behold, [every] man’s money [was] in the
mouth of his sack, our money in full weight: and we have brought it
again in our hand.”

These brothers were trying to get in a quick word to the steward,
to explain what happened. They hoped the steward would pass it on to
Joseph. Of course, they still had no idea that this was their brother,
Joseph. They continued explaining to him in the next verse.

Genesis 43:22 “And other money have we brought down in our hands
to buy food: we cannot tell who put our money in our sacks.”
Genesis 43:23 “And he said, Peace [be] to you, fear not: your
God, and the God of your father, hath given you treasure in your
sacks: I had your money. And he brought Simeon out unto them.”

This was the first reassurance that everything was alright. This
servant called God “your God” and “God of your father”. Egyptians did
not recognize God. One even greater reassurance, was Simeon not being
hurt. I know they have began to wonder what was going on?

Genesis 43:24 “And the man brought the men into Joseph’s house,
and gave [them] water, and they washed their feet; and he gave their
asses provender.”

Now, they were being treated as honored guests, even the animals
were being treated special.

Genesis 43:25 “And they made ready the present against Joseph
came at noon: for they heard that they should eat bread there.”
Genesis 43:26 “And when Joseph came home, they brought him the
present which [was] in their hand into the house, and bowed themselves
to him to the earth.”

Here, they (Joseph’s brothers) humbled themselves before him by
bowing. The gifts were brought, so that he might go easy on them this
time. These nuts and fruit they brought were not native of Egypt.
Don’t you know they brought back memories to Joseph of the bygone
days in Canaan?

Genesis 43:27 “And he asked them of [their] welfare, and said,
[Is] your father well, the old man of whom ye spake? [Is] he yet
Genesis 43:28 “And they answered, Thy servant our father [is] in
good health, he [is] yet alive. And they bowed down their heads, and
made obeisance.”

Joseph’s heart was aching to know of his father. It had been a
very long time since he had seen him. Joseph loved him very much.
Remember, Joseph was his favorite.

Genesis 43:29 “And he lifted up his eyes, and saw his brother
Benjamin, his mother’s son, and said, [Is] this your younger brother,
of whom ye spake unto me? And he said, God be gracious unto thee, my

This too, had to be heart wrenching for Joseph. His brother had
grown into a man. Joseph spoke a blessing on him.

Genesis 43:30 “And Joseph made haste; for his bowels did yearn
upon his brother: and he sought [where] to weep; and he entered into
[his] chamber, and wept there.”

Joseph was overcome with emotion seeing Benjamin. He did not want
them to see him weep, so he went into his bedroom, apart from them,
and wept.

Genesis 43:31 “And he washed his face, and went out, and
refrained himself, and said, Set on bread.”
Genesis 43:32 “And they set on for him by himself, and for them
by themselves, and for the Egyptians, which did eat with him, by
themselves: because the Egyptians might not eat bread with the
Hebrews; for that [is] an abomination unto the Egyptians.”

These separate tables, as you can see, were because Egyptians and
Hebrews never eat at the same table. Joseph still had not revealed to
his brothers who he was.

Genesis 43:33 “And they sat before him, the firstborn according
to his birthright, and the youngest according to his youth: and the
men marvelled one at another.”
Genesis 43:34 “And he took [and sent] messes unto them from
before him: but Benjamin’s mess was five times so much as any of
theirs. And they drank, and were merry with him.”

This seating arrangement should tell them who this ruler was, but
they were blinded from the truth. If the seating arrangement didn’t
tell them anything, certainly the portions, five times as much for
Benjamin should have.

In the next lesson we will see what happened when Joseph told
them who he was, in chapter 44 of Genesis.