Bible – FAQ

Why am I doing this? I hope and pray that all people will be able to read and better understand God’s word. There are many newer translations out there and most of them are corrupt, missing words and even verses. I want to help people get back into God’s written word.

  • It is the King James Version of the Bible. Why this version? Because it has been proven to be accepted as the word of God for over 400 years.
  • The words of the King James are in Bold large letters
  • All the words in this copy are in black. No red letters. I believe that all words the words in the bible are important.
  • All the comments are in smaller size below the verses they comment on.
  • At the very end of each chapter you will also find the Commentary by Matthew Henry [from 1710 AD] for each chapter. There are some study questions throughout the bible.
  • Also many of the obscure words are showing there modern meaning below each verse.