Read – The Final Authority of the Scriptures Must Be Recognized

As God is perfect and incapable of error, it is only natural (and obvious from the above Scriptures) that his words are perfect and without error. The end result of inspiration and preservation is a perfect copy of the words of God. This perfect, written revelation of God to mankind demands our submission and obedience.

Although the context of the first passage is the Law of Moses and the context of the last passage is the book of Revelation, the context of the verse from Proverbs is “EVERY word of God.” All three passages cross-reference with one another to provide a solemn warning about tampering with the words of God.

One of the most difficult things for any person to do when approaching the Scriptures is to submit to what they find written therein. The attitude with which one comes to the Bible is therefore of paramount importance – if the Bible is not accepted as one’s absolute, final authority in all spiritual matters, then Bible study is a hypocritical farce. Therefore, any other revelations, prophecies, visions, or experiences that “add” to the already revealed, written word of God must be carefully viewed in the light of the above verses.